Suppliers of Responsibly Sourced Timber


At Eco Wood Flooring, we pride ourselves on selling only the most environmentally friendly products. All of our suppliers are thoroughly committed to the sustainable and ecologically sound manufacture of hardwood flooring, ensuring that you can have the flooring you want without damaging the environment.

Our staff are on hand to help you find the perfect flooring for any project.

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Boen have made a commitment to their consumers to make it fun and easy to find the flooring to suit both style and needs.

Boen have been crafting hardwood flooring for centuries and have mantained their afffinity for their raw materials. All of their raw materials come from sustainable forests and even their factories are run in accordance with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standards. Other environmental certifications held by Boen are:

  • The Blue Angel
  • Real Wood Certification
  • Rainforest Alliance Certified

Atkinson and Kirby


Atkinson and Kirby are a UK-based company who have been working tirelessly since their inception in 1903 to become experts within the hardwood flooring industry. With high quality flooring and a determination to continually improve any negative impact made by their company.

We work closely with Atkinson and Kirby to find eco-friendly, FSC and PEFC certified timber to suit our customers’ individual needs.

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Brooks Bros. and Timbertop

Brooks Bros. are our distributor of choice for Timbertop products. Both companies are fully committed to the production and distribution of environmentally friendly timber products.

Brooks Bros. have a 5-year strategy in place to ensure that they are continually improving their environmental performance throughout their products and services. Their certifications include:

  • FSC Chain of Custody Certification
  • PEFC Chain of Custody Certification
  • BM TRADA Forest Products Certification
  • Timer Trade Frederation (TTF) Membership

Timbertop are a European manufacturer of high quality timber flooring. For the lower layers of their engineered boards, Timbertop only use felled trees that have been primarily grown for their naturally occurring rubber. The trees are only felled at the end of their rubber-producing life cycle. Great care is taken to ensure that the “precious wood” used for the top layer is sourced legally and as environmentally sourced as possible.

Wether purchasing Brooks Bros products or from their range timbertop products, you can rest assured that your decision will be right for you and for the planet.


Panaget’s timber is sourced from forests extending across Normandy to North-Eastern France. As a PEFC certified manufacturer, you can be certain of where the timber has come from, and that panaget are committed helping to sustain the world’s forests.

Panaget also use up-to-date technology, and air-drying processes, to give their flooring a distinctive finish that guaranteed to give your room that extra something.

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